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Old 4.5v/12v train track for sale.

julian977julian977 Member Posts: 65
Found this lot in a bigger lot recently and have no real use for it, hopefully someone out there is still building with these tracks. Clearly played with and some of the white 2x8 plates are a little bit yellowed and the odd tooth/nail mark on the plates, but given its age and the lack of discoloration compared to my other 70's white and blue parts, I think it was out of the daylight for most of its life.

No boxes, only 2 of the track plan leaflets but almost four complete packs worth:
2 sets of #157 (curves)
1set of #159 (crossroads and straight track - crossroad piece has one joint snapped and a bit bent but seems fine if you reinforce it with a couple of extra plates)
1set of #156 (straight tracks, missing four of the 2x8 plates)
Would like to sell this as one lot, i have paypal and happy to post wherever, with no boxes it shouldn't be too expensive.
I will take a couple of photos and upload to flickr shortly.


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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.