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I have a number of sets and polys for trade or sale

sirrich69sirrich69 Member Posts: 516
edited September 2011 in Marketplace
I am 90% certain I shall be going to steam on Sunday 2nd October.

Is anyone else going up for some trading.

I just can't resist a bargian, so over the past 2 years ( only been out of my dark ages 2 years) have accumulated various sets at great prices. I have too much lying around so need to get rid of some. I came out of my dark ages when S1 minifigures were released got a complete set for my daughter, spent a fortune getting a complete set then realised ( thanks brickset) there was barcodes on the back. I also realised there was a market out there for complete sets, so now buy boxes of minfigures sort into sets and sell to help fund my LEGO addiction.

I have a small list of wants and these are

4954 Model town House ( been bidding on several on ebay but all have gone over my £50 plus £10 postage price target)

6754 Family House ( wanted for the Tan bricks)

8099 Midi Scale Imperial Star Destoyer ( selaed if possible, none in my area when Tesco discounted them)

3221 Lego City Truck

4737 Quidditch Match ( missed this one at Asda just recently)

30072 Woody Campfire (sealed please)

The sets, polys and CM's I have for sale or trade, all mint and sealed unless noted


30050 Republic Attack Shuttle

30132 Jack Sparrow Voodoo

30073 Buzz Space ship ( slight cut in corner of packet,sealed with selotape 99.99% certain it is complete)

30071 Army man and Jeep

30070 Alien and Ship


8110 Unimog U400 ( bought in the 3 for 2 Argos deal, Mint condition despite Argos best efforts)

8075 Neptune Carrier

8076 Deep Sea Striker

8077 Atlantis Exploration HQ

8078 Portal of Atlantis

7590 Buzz and Woody to the Rescue

7591 Construct a Zurg

7592 Construct a Buzz

7593 Buzz Star Command Spaceship

7595 Army Men on Patrol

7596 Trash Compactor Escape (box still sealed but not mint, bought from the USA, when on Holiday)

I bought the majority of sets in the 3 for 2 deals at Toys R Us or Argos last year when there was already a dscount on the product and then the 3 for 2 was also valid. Argos this year wised up to that one.


I have complete sets of S2 to S5 minifigures. I also have some spares. These are all sealed. I also have some boxes that have had the seals cut and minifigures removed, so boxes in mint condition. As an example a full set of CM's I would sell for RRP £31.84 plus any additional costs paypal postage etc.

Wow that is quite a list.

Message me if any of this interests you.


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