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(US-IL) Galaxy Squad Clearance!! WHOLE theme! Complete set!

tefarreltefarrel Member Posts: 49
Hey all - I love my Lego, but the wife has decreed that if I want other stuff, then some of what I have has to go.

I loved this Galaxy Squad stuff, but I love my Death Star more... therefore I am divesting myself of the entire line

All together (I did the math) it comes out to a little over $430, but I'm not stupid - I am looking to sell the entire line for $250 OBO. All minifigs are included and all have only been built once, by an adult collector

The collection includes:
30230 - Mini Mech
30231 - Space Insectoid
70700 - Space Swarmer
70701 - Swarm Interceptor
70702 - Warp Stinger
70703 - Star Slicer
70704 - Vermin Vaporizer
70705 Bug Obliterator
70706 - Crater Creeper
70707 - CLS-89 Eradicator Mech
70708 - Hive Crawler
70709 - Galactic Titan


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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.