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smokebelch: Hello there :)

smokebelchsmokebelch UKMember Posts: 85
edited May 2011 in Introduce yourself
Hello all,
Been reading Brickset for years, prob my favourite Lego blog, and great to see a forum introduced.

Thought id say hello, and introduce myself.
My name's Mark, been a Lego fan since childhood- though came out of my Darkages with the introduction of the Star Wars theme- specifically the first AT-AT set. Remember seeing it advertised in Empire film magazine, and while I wasn't blown away by the earlier SW sets, this one I had to have!
While mostly a Star Wars fan (im a child of the 70s- So im a big SW geek ;) ) also enjoy other licensed themes like Indy & Batman. Also really enjoying the Collectable Minifigs line.
One of my main hobbies, aside from Lego & Toy Collecting in general, is Photography- specifically Toy Photography. Check out my work on flickr here-
Any feedback greatly appriciated. Im a decidedly Low-Tech photographer, and since the birth of my Daughter last summer, have nowhere near the time I used to have for taking shots.

Looking forward to contributing here on the forums,
Cheers for reading my ramblings :)
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