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Modifying the new Imperial Star Destroyer

VortexVortex Pakistan/USMember Posts: 342
Since I missed out on the UCS version and #6211 ,it was but a no brainer to get the newly released edition of this most iconic craft. Now I understand that while stability is the area this excels , it's the size that is significantly reduced when compared to the previous edition 6211 .

Any ideas :
1- Make this thing bigger , adding a 3-5 inches to the length

2- Those engines ....they are worthy if an Interceptor engine at best. Need to be bigger ,I guess the obvious is to find the circular pieces used on the 6211 again.

Curious if anyone has done anything about this yet .

Ideas ?


  • lessjunkfoodlessjunkfood IndianapolisMember Posts: 130
    3- Add on to the bottom to complete the 'V' shape underneath. Would of course need to add a stand of some kind.
  • VortexVortex Pakistan/USMember Posts: 342
    Hmm yes I suppose building the bottom frame in the elongated V shape would be a start ...

    I suppose no one has tried modifying theirs yet ...we have a very talented unit here , I'm sure we will see something soon enough ....I will give it a shot but I'm poorly equipped with the spares probably needed for this .
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