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CMF Series 12 Fig trade. (legomatt, UK-UK)

legomattlegomatt Member Posts: 2,544
Fancy a quickie?
...Trade, that is. ;o)

I'm looking to complete my CMF series 12. (I had hoped to have a more definitive trade list set up, but i need to go through too much stuff). So instead, here's a 'quickie' series12 fig trade, (before I forget entirely and end up short by two figs).


#71007-9 Jester
#71007-10 Dino Tracker Girl

If you'd like more than two figs from my 'Have' list below, then i'd also be interested in these extras:
#71007-2 Hun Warrior
#71007-5 Battle Goddess (multiples if possible).
#71007-8 Prospector


From CMF12
#71007-3 Fairytale Princess (sealed)
#71007-4 Video Gamer (sealed) x2
#71007-6 Space Miner (sealed)
#71007-11 Pizza Delivery Boy (sealed)
#71007-12 Rock Star (opened to check, but never removed from packet)
#71007-13 Swashbuckler (sealed)

Trades within UK only please. I'd prefer to obtain both wanted figs (or more) in a single swap, but i'll consider any offer, even for one fig. All figs come from smokeless & Pet-free household.


  • legomattlegomatt Member Posts: 2,544
    Posted the above at half-three in the morning UK time. :o) So here's a UK-friendly bump.

    Also, if there's nothing you want from what i have above, but you do have Jester and Dino Girl spare, then let me know what figs you're seeking, as i have a bunch of sealed figs from several previous series.
  • plasmodiumplasmodium UKMember Posts: 1,936
    What've you still got left/do you still need if anything? I have a couple of sealed but identified ones, but I thought I'd just check around before starting a new thread. ;-)
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