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Key Light figures under different categories.

JoefishJoefish Member Posts: 16
Most of the recent wave of key lights are listed as, for example, "THE LEGO MOVIE Emmet Key Light". You can also find them under Gear -> Lights.
However, the older Star Wars ones don't appear in the same category. Their description is, for example, "Stormtrooper Light Key Chain", and they appear under Gear -> Key Chains / Star Wars.
What's interesting is if you search for "Key Light" you get one lot, and if you search for "Light Key" you get the others!
I'd suggest they all need to be moved to Gear -> Lights.

I haven't been able to find an entry for the Classic Spaceman Key Lights, or Wonder Woman. And I've also seen an Admiral Ackbar one listed on eBay that you don't have listed.

I also find it a bit disappointing that when displaying a set, the back-trail at the top of the screen just says Home>Browse>Sets>xxxxx, rather than displaying the theme and sub-theme. I realise they can be found on the right, but still, it seems like an omission.


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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.