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(UK, Europe) WTTF Lego Brand Store and others.

brickedinbrickedin London, UKMember Posts: 429
Hello all,

I have the following all up for trade:


#6857Funhouse escape
#6873Doc Ock ambush
#40082 Christmas tree stand
#9489 endor battle pack
#9464Monster fighters vampyre hearse

Polys (all sealed)

#30168 gun mounting system
#30164 Lex Luthor
#5002126 Martian Manhunter
#5002130 Good morning Bilbo
#40079 Mini VW camper
#40109Mini mini
#40078 hot dog cart
#40108 Balloon cart
#5002203 Movie robot DJ
#5002122 TC 4
#30140 Adu walker

Most of the recent daily mail/sun polys


Complete set of simpsons
Complete set of Team GB
large number of series 9, 10 and 11.

Also a few movie and series 12 CMF.

I am after:

#3300003 Brand retail store (sealed)
White boba fett (open or sealed)
#30197 creator snowman (sealed)
#40024 christmas tree (sealed)

Also, pretty much any variety of orcs, uruk hai figs(lord of the rings or fantasy era)

I have completed a quite a few trades and purchases on the forum, any offers please PM me.



  • brickedinbrickedin London, UKMember Posts: 429
    In response to a couple of queries, I am only after trades at the moment.

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