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[Germany/Worldwide] Have sev.Polybags;Lotr/Hobbit/Super Heroes Figures, want POTC/Super Heroes

DiggydoesDiggydoes Member Posts: 1,079
Hi everybody,
i´m based in Germany but will happily trade worldwide i´m looking for some POTC/Super Heores Figures, before my wanted list, here´s what i have to offer! All Figures are new, putted them straight from the set into a ziploc (they have never been assembled). Polybags are of course all sealed!

4x Good Morning Bilbo #5002130
3x Jor-El #5001623
1x Clone Trooper Lieutenant #5001709
1x Hawkeye #30165
1x Umbaran MHC #30243
2x Imperial Speeder Bike #30005
2x Mini Mech [Galaxy Squad] #30230
1x Sopwith Camel #40049
1x City Helicopter #30222

5x Goblin King lor042
9x Yazneg lor038
4x Thranduil lor079
5x Gandalf the Grey [Wizard Hat] lor001
2x Arwen lor060
1x Azog lor087
3x Beorn lor075
2x Elrond lor059
1x Necromancer lor081
1x Dori the dwarf lor047
1x Nori the dwarf lor046
3x Ori the dwarf lor045

Star Wars
1x Jabba the Hut sw402
3x Santa Jango sw506
3x R5-F7 sw370
1x Han Solo sw539
1x Pong Krell sw435
2x General Rieekan sw460
2x Luke Skywalker [printed legs] sw461
2x A-Wing Pilot sw437

Super Heroes
2x Dr. Doom sh052
2x Beetle sh053
2x J. Jonah Jameson sh054
4x Spiderman sh038
3x TDK Bane sh062
3x Commisioner James Gordon sh063
3x TDK Batman sh064
2x War Machine sh066
2x Iron Man Mark42 sh065
2x Venom sh055
1x Nick Fury sh056
1x Black Widow sh035
1x Iron Man [w.Circle on chest] sh036
1x Thor [Beard] sh018
1x Two-Face sh007
3x Batman [Black Suit w.Yellow Belt&Crest Type 2 Cowl] sh016a

Harry Potter
1x Fred/George Weasley hp122
1x Fenrir Greyback hp091

every figure from that line since i don´t own any yet but i want to change that ;)

Super Heroes
Batgirl sh092
Batman [Black Wings] sh048
Batman Electro Suit sh046
Batman Light Bl.Grey Suit Dk.Blue Mask sh025
Batman Wings and Jet Pack sh019
Bruce Wayne sh026
Catwoman sh006
Dr Harleen Quinzel sh057
Harley Quinn sh024
Poison Ivy sh010
Robin Black Cape sh011
Scarecrow sh058
Joker [Dark Purple Hat] sh094
Joker [Prison Jumpsuit] sh061
The Penguin sh060
The Riddler sh008
Robin [Green hands] sh091


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