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CMF cameos in TLM

Call me an anorak or what, but I've tried to see how many of the CMFs appear in TLM. Those that do appear, most have more than one moment on screen. These are the ones I've found.

Series 1:

Clown - numerous appearances, including Emmet dressing as him, attacking Batman in Cloud Cuckoo Land, and even having his own land (Wyldstyle's list of lands that she mentions to Emmet)
Robin Hood - again, numerous times. Emmet dresses as him, and appearing at the Master Builder meeting.
SCUBA Diver - Emmet dresses up as him. Appears at Master Builder meeting, and (if judging by the game) as the underwater search team for the police.
Magician - Emmet dresses as him. Appears in Cloud Cuckoo Land and is also part of Metal Beard's crew.
Demolition Dummy - Appears in Cloud Cuckoo Land, and in the Thinktank.
Super Wrestler - Appears during Wyldstyle's tale - during the night scene in which the MBs are being captured. I might be confusing him with the red suited wrestler.

Series 2

Ringmaster - Appears in Wyldstyle's tale, is one of Metalbeard's crew, and also appears on CCL.
Disco Dude - One of Metalbeard's crew. Seen in the Thinktank.
Mime Artist - One of Metalbeard's crew.
Witch - One of Metalbeard's crew. Seen in Thinktank
Surfer - Emmet's neighbour.
Vampire - Appears in Cloud Cuckoo Land several times.
Maracca Man - Appears in Cloud Cuckoo Land (has moustache removed)

Series 3

Tribal Chief - Appears in Old West saloon bar, and in Cloud Cuckoo Land
Mummy - Seen entering the Dog meeting hall.
Rapper - One of the MBs seen being arrested in Wyldstyle's tale. Also seen in Thinktank.

Series 4

Hazmat Guy - His uniform is used by the robots carrying the Kragle. Seen for real in the MB meeting.
Artist - Seen having his moustache removed and later seen at the MB meeting.
Punk Rocker - Seen among the Octan products that Emmet talks about to Bad Cop. Later seen at the MB meeting.

Series 5

Cleopatra Two appearances in Wyldstyle's tale. Appears at MB meeting, cheers on Shaq, and later seen in Thinktank.
Lumberjack Appears in Wyldstyle's tale, and later seen at MB meeting (holding a Gamorrean Vibro axe)
Lizard Suit Guy - Emmet dresses as him. Later seen multiple times in CCL, noteably attacking Batman.
Zookeeper - Appears in Wyldstyle's tale, plus was part of Metalbeard's crew.

Series 6

Sleepyhead - Emmet has the same PJs. Seen later in CCL.
Lady Liberty - Seen on CCL, at MB meeting, and in Thinktank.
Surgeon - Emmet wears her outfit. She is seen at MB meeting.
Bandit - Seen in Old West Saloon?

Series 8

Pirate Captain - Appears in Wyldstyle's tale.

Series 9

Policeman - Seen entering MB meeting, and later seen among the locals of Bricksburg.

Series 10

Medusa - Seen in Wyldstyle's tale, is part of Metalbeard's crew, and later seen in Thinktank.

Series 11

Yeti - Seen in Wyldstyle's tale, and one of the videos that Lord Business watches.
Tribal Warrior - gets run over by the golf ball.
Female Robot - Seen in Wyldstyle's tale and in the Thinktank

And not forgetting Milhouse from the Simpsons.

If you can find any more, please add them below.


  • andheandhe Member Posts: 3,913
    I think the s1 caveman was in there? I'd have to watch the trailer again.
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
    The CMF Hockey player is also in there ... on the poster in Emmet's room.

    Also the entire Lego Movie CMF series appear too :-)
  • darthdcdarthdc Member Posts: 228
    The gangster from S5 may be in there too, but I'm not sure. There is a similar character riding a cloud in CCL. I went through the whole intro scene to CCL frame by frame, just to see if I could see anyone. Surprised I couldn't see the Cowboy (S1) and Bandit (S6) too.
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