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Lego store opening in the flatiron district

koozkooz Connecticut, USAMember Posts: 158
Did anyone go? I wonder how quickly they ran out of the exclusives. Especially today with the minifigures. Anyone know?


  • ColoradoBricksColoradoBricks Denver, CO, USAMember Posts: 1,676
    Some did and wrote about it in this thread :
    Going to New York soon - anything to look out for?
  • bluedragonbluedragon United StatesMember Posts: 505
    I went yesterday and today. They had run out of Santa workshops yesterday but they had them on sale today. They also had the Tumbler.

    The store is great with a lot of brick built decoration. Only downside is that everything is 10% more expensive than MRP akin to the Rockefeller store. Of course that does not matter when there are so many freebies going (and 2x VIP points).
  • MugenPowerMugenPower Member Posts: 598
    I was tempted to go for yesterday's bonus set but with the 10% NYC Lego store markup, NYC tax, the cost of a trip out there, and the rain, I concluded I didn't want that set enough to warrant it. It also would've really sucked if they ran out of the giveaway by the time I got there.
  • bmwlegobmwlego Long Island, New YorkMember Posts: 817
    edited October 2014
    My friends went to the opening throughout the weekend and a picked up the Santa set for me along with the 1700s Duplo brick and promo figs. I stayed at the Javits with family for Comic Con so I didn't get to see the store. Glad you were able to go both days @bluedragon‌
  • legogregorslegogregors Member Posts: 402
    This was an excellent grand opening despite the rain, parking and 10% markup. The staff was very friendly and the combination of winter set, store set, duplo bricks and double VIP was terrific. I went on Saturday and they had plenty of the Tumbler(1 per household which had to be requested from the back) and a good overall selection.

    No sign of the Town Hall, Research Institute, Exo-Suit or Sopwith Camel.
  • AanchirAanchir United StatesMember Posts: 2,979
    I didn't end up going even though I was in town for NYCC. Thursday had been such a whirlwind experience for me that I didn't want to go out, let alone try to navigate the New York metro again. Instead I spent most of the day online answering questions about the BIONICLE reveal the previous day.

    I'm glad it went well, though. It was a beautiful store, judging by the special LEGO store event TLG held for the people who they invited to NYCC the day before the store's grand opening.
  • nychromastonenychromastone The Empire StateMember Posts: 163
    Here is an update for those who weren't able to view the completed 20-foot tall Statue of Liberty model today at Madison Square Park. The torch actually glows. The LEGO Master Builders were fantastic as they stayed and spoke with some of us serious fans and offered photo ops and autographs.
  • nychromastonenychromastone The Empire StateMember Posts: 163
    sorry but the pics wouldn't attach to the last post
  • nychromastonenychromastone The Empire StateMember Posts: 163
    Mini SoL
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