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Your LEGO Story

AdeelZubairAdeelZubair Member Posts: 2,704
edited October 2014 in Everything else LEGO
How did you get introduced to the LEGO community? What sets do you remember owning as a child? Was there any turning points for your in your life that defined your future with LEGO?

I would like to hear other peoples stories, here is mine:

My Childhood:
I remember when I was very little I played with regular LEGO bricks but that phased out and I got into construction related vehicles.

I did get some LEGO sets after that such as LEGO Harry Potter - Sirius Black Escape #4753 which I still own but it's not in a very good state.

Turning Point:
In Year 9 at Secondary School I was sitting in front of my Maths teacher's desk. My attention was focused on a bright LEGO Christmas 2009 Catalogue on my teachers desk. I asked my teacher if I could look at it, he handed the catalogue to me. I flicked though all the pages and was amazed how cool LEGO had come since I was a child but then it struck me as I flicked the last few pages and saw... LEGO Star Wars! 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' sets really caught my eyes. Well it does look like everyone got back into LEGO because of LEGO Star Wars.

Never Stay Quite:
Once I had my eye on the LEGO Agents - Mobile Command Center #8635 and I saw it for half price in a Christmas catalogue; however it only really struck me when I came across it in Smyths and I asked for it, my mum had said if it was cheaper then yes. I told her I saw it for half price at last Christmas. She said would've got it if I had asked for it. Since then I have asked for everything; even if it feels impossible.

After the seeing those LEGO Star Wars sets I have avidly been scrolling though looking for cool LEGO sets coming out or that have been released previously which led me to 'TheBrickShow' Youtube channel in the final months of Year 11 in secondary school. Soon later I became very familiar with many other LEGO websites, Youtube channels and most importantly the LEGO brand.

New Ambition:
When I started college my ambition was to become an architect; I left my college with a new ambition: LEGO Product Designer. You can see that my love for the LEGO brand built up during college as my collection quickly built over 100 sets.

My LEGO Creations:
Building the sets was really enjoyable which led build my own creations such as the LEGO Architecture - Taj Mahal and even a LEGO Modular Building - LEGO Brand Store. I based my last project in college around designing a LEGO product which turned out to be the LEGO Creator - Clockwork Robot. I'm currently studying BA Product Design at Middlesex University to hopefully progress my LEGO ambition further.

In short terms it's always being drawing, designing and model making :)

Check out my Flickr if your interested:[email protected]/


  • RedbullgivesuwindRedbullgivesuwind Member Posts: 2,115
    Well my story begins when I was bitten by a gentically enhanced lego brick on a tour of legoland. After my uncle was shot by a megabloks employee. I have vowed that I will only use my powers for good and take down clone brands and executives of big oil companies that make marketing deals with lego.

    Although I may have gotten confused with Spider-Man.
  • HuwHuw Administrator Posts: 7,087
    ^^ Good luck bad boy: I'd say studying BA Product Design is exactly the right thing to do to be in with a chance of getting that LEGO job.
  • Big_Blue_WinkyBig_Blue_Winky Member Posts: 181
    My fascination with Lego started with my first ever set which was #6544 jet transporting a space shuttle after that all through my school years right up until the end of high school I collected many sets, rarely the big ones though as I couldn't afford it but amassed quite a collection of many different themes, Town/city, Res-Q, Rock Raiders, Star Wars, Jonny Thunder stuff and trains. My favourite theme by far was the city stuff and always wanted to make a city out of Lego, something I've restarted recently. My favourite set though is probably a tie between #6335 Race car transporter and #4970 Chrome Crusher.

    After I left school I stopped my lego obsession, I think that is around about the time the City theme changed to world City and many of the sets didn't appeal plus I wanted to concentrate on earning money to get myself a car and all the independence that entailed(if by independence it means spending all your wages just to go places) I still bought a few of the Lego computer games and played some of the old ones but that was about it did not give much thought to Lego much after that.

    My interest in the brand become came about last year after seeing the Lego mining dump truck reduced in Sainsbury's so I bought 2 and went about having a look at what else was available and it's since grown again from there. My aim is to have a sizeable city created from Lego with a complex rail network but I think I'm going to need to clear a lot of room for that and try and balance it with my other hobbies, anything which give pleasure certainl
  • B_HollsB_Holls Member Posts: 41
    While I was a little older when I got my first Lego set I was always familiar with the Lego brand. My first set was #7263 Tie Fighter. Ever since then I have had and played with Legos. When I was at the end of grade school people stopped playing with Lego, I was made fun of a lot for it. But as I went into middle school I just stopped talking about Lego and moved on. Even though everyone else stopped using it I still built it. Now I have found that if you only display complex sets people see them as models before they see them as a children's toy. I have just recently found Brickset and love the fact that you can talk with so many other Lego fans from all aross the world. Great being able to share my story thanks for starting the chain.
  • jadedancjadedanc Member Posts: 1,302
    I got into LEGO as a therapeutic use. I have major depression, PTSD, Nightmares, insomnia....all the classic symptoms of being in a war zone and seeing things I would rather forget. My husband bought me the last HP Castle as a gift and realized it helped out with a lot of my issues. So I mentioned it to my therapist, who encouraged it, and here I sit now :) Lost over half my sets while I was homeless from Apr-Aug 2014 but I am still going on and trying to slowly build up what I lost.
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