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Custom Shell Service Station Parts Pack/Set

IstokgIstokg Member Posts: 2,362
edited September 2011 in Marketplace
I just put a rather unique assemby of old time Shell Service Station parts out into one unique grouping on Bricklink. I wanted to just sell it all (even at a discount) rather than to sell it all piecemeal.

This group includes an actual set (includes nice instructions, but no box) of the 688 Shell Tanker Truck Set in excellent condition... all 7 printed bricks (4 rare yellow 1x6 SHELL signs, 1 1x2 white Shell logo, 1 1x4 Legoland sign and 1 1x4 headlight brick signage) are in perfect (no missing printing) condition).

Here's the list of the individual parts... but you can always view the image at the bottom instead...
Also included are a lot of individual parts that I've had put away for many years.... they include...
3 applied Shell stickers (from a 250 Ideas Book) in great condition (Note: the large red Shell emblem is attached to both the front and back of the stacked 1x3 white bricks.
6 white mint 1x2 Shell logo bricks, BL# 3004p60.
1 white mint 1x6 Shell sign brick, BL# 3009pt1.
1 rare freestanding Shell 1970s logo sign (no missing decal, near mint) BL# x454pb01.
1 rare 1x4x5 yellow door (1 large pane of glass) that was only sold in the 6689 Post Station (1985, not sold in the USA), and includes the open hours stickers applied, almost mint door BL# 73435c01.
2 rare ex. 1x4x5 yellow windows (fixed glass) that was only sold in the 6372 Town House of 1982, BL# 4347.
4 1x2x2 ex. yellow classic windows (also found i the 6372 Town House set, and elsewhere), BL# 7026.
4 1x4x3 yellow windows (with shutter clips) BL# 3853 in mint plus trans-clear glass.
4 1x6x3 skylights mint BL# 3939.
1 yellow container cupboard (2x3x2) with red door (near mint)... BL# 4532 and 4533.
1 yellow container cupboard (2x3x4) with red door (near mint)... BL# 4534 and 4535.
2 yellow 1x2 bricks with groove (for rolltop garage doors)... MINT... BL# 4216.
Also included are 2 gray 2x2 round bricks with black pattern, 1 yellow seat, a 1x2 sloped brick with stripe pattern, a yellow cup, and 4 yellow 2x2x2 ladders that are used to attach to 2 1x8 bricks to appear like shelves.

With the 2 yellow 1x2 bricks with grooves, a rolltop garage could be added to the station, if the first row of bricks is yellow.

The total value of the individual parts exceeds about $90 on Bricklink... but I just want $50.

A nice way someone to have all the rare parts for building a really nice MOC Shell Station.... utilizing a lot of very hard to find parts all in one grouping... including signage, windows/doors and the Shell 1x2 bricks to make petrol pumps with. All you need is a baseplate (not included), bricks, plates, some rolltop garage accessories, and plates and tiles for the roof....

See last pic below for a possible MOC. Also, you can always modify the Shell Tanker by adding a 2x4x2 windscreen to the front of the truck, instead of trans-clear bricks (just make sure you save the old parts!).

Gary Istok

P.S. Most of any spots on the window/windscreen glass is in the cardboard behind it.


  • IstokgIstokg Member Posts: 2,362
    edited September 2011
    Note: I couldn't find the rare new yellow 1x2 bricks with groove for a rolltop garage when I was taking the images. But I have them now... so although they're only shown by a pair of yellow 1x2 bricks in the images... the 2 rare groove bricks (only ever found in the USA only 6383 Public Works Set of 1981) are included in the group.
  • IstokgIstokg Member Posts: 2,362
    edited September 2011
    Interestingly enough... only the first 2 Shell Stations of 1966 #325 and 1971 #648 used yellow windows/doors. No other later Shell station did... starting with the 1974 #690 set (which only had a yellow swinging door, but not the door frame or windows). The 690 set had trans-clear bricks as windows... and all later Shell Stations had no yellow doors/windows at all.

    Ironically the Shell Stations were only sold outside of the USA. The USA didn't have a separate Service Station at all until the Exxon Service Station of the late 1970s/early 1980s. And then of course by the 1990s... everyone was using the ficticious OCTAN Service Station....
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