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Freepost Lego returns UK

Hi All
I received a box of mixed emotions today.
Initially I skipped up to the delivery chap all smiles and joy.
Yay! It's my exo suit, coin bank and Halloween thingy!!!
The world is a happy place!

Upon opening the brown carton of promise......doom, despair and much gnashing of teeth.
"It's the wrong Lego, Gromit!"
Alas, I was greeted by not my choice of goodies but a full set of series 3 Mixels destined for Jessica in Deutschland.
Mixels!!!! I already have series 3 Mixels, oh Fate, you are a cruel mistress!
After several minutes of self counselling, deep breaths, mopping of tears etc etc. I called Marta at Lego and pointed out the mistake.
Fine no problem, take 2 of exo suit and various goodies will be with me soon & 100 VIPS points for being so gosh darned good looking,Yay!
Please return the Mixels using "Freepost Lego".
Coolio the world is back on an even keel and much happiness is flooding the land.

Oh how naive I was.
The chaps at the post office looked at me as if I had 3 heads and offered to lighten my wallet to return the box or accept the box with no receipt. Hmmmmm that ain't happening.

Que second call to the 2nd lovely Lego lady Helen explaining my lack of success getting Jessica's Mixels past the guardians of the post office counter. Helen gave me exactly the same instructions + a back up email repeating those instructions to wave at the post office counter staff.

Can you guess what's going to happen tomorrow?
And have a free link to show that this ain't a one off.

Has anyone else experienced this issue and how did you fix it?


  • cheshirecatcheshirecat Member Posts: 5,332
    It does work apparently, so it's the post office people in the wrong here. However, if you phone up customer services you should be able to get a full address to go with the freepost lego. No idea why they wouldn't have given you it the second time as they gave it to me as soon as I sounded shocked at the freepost lego. (I had to send back a minifigure less set)

    Alternatively try phoning royal mail as its their address agreement.
  • XefanXefan Member Posts: 1,149
    What exactly was the dispute the post office folks had with your request? that they don't believe Lego has a freepost returns address or they don't believe that freepost exists?
  • FrothyCoffeeManFrothyCoffeeMan Member Posts: 46
    They didn't think that Lego had a freepost
  • FrothyCoffeeManFrothyCoffeeMan Member Posts: 46
    Ok, brief update for clarity and closure.
    When returning goods to Lego for whatever reason, request a Freepost Lego label from Lego CS.
    This will be emailed to you, print it and stick it over the existing labels or deface them.

    It seems my trouble was caused by me not making my labels illegible and the post office refusing to freepost to the Netherlands. Despite writing Freepost Lego in thick, black 3" high letters.

    I've got my receipt, so there's little more I can do.
    I hope this helps others.
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