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Bike Shop and Turkey

lieslgeelieslgee Member Posts: 17
Two questions --

1. Does anyone know if they plan to do more buildings in the scale of the Bike Shop & Cafe to make that a series?
2. Has anyone heard when the Turkey 40091 is being released?



  • BumblepantsBumblepants DFW/BGMember Posts: 7,429
    There is a grocery / toy shop Creator set coming next year. I think it is similar in scale but hard to tell from grainy prelim pics
  • HarryPotterLoverHarryPotterLover Member Posts: 238
    Also the Turkey has already been released!
  • parsomparsom Member Posts: 46
    And what about 40092 and 40093? I saw rumors that they will be available since this week.
  • lieslgeelieslgee Member Posts: 17
    edited September 2014
    I have looked everywhere for the 40091 turkey and no one has it. On this site it says not released.
  • CircleKCircleK U.S. - Columbus, OhioMember Posts: 1,055
    #40091 Thanksgiving Turkey, #40092 Reindeer, and #40093 Snowman are all available at [email protected] (US) now. These are probably my favorite seasonal builds to date and at $9.99 a piece they make great add-ons for clearing the free shipping / free promo threshold.
  • parsomparsom Member Posts: 46
    At US [email protected] in "exclusives" I found only 40093. 40092 and 40091 I found only by "searching" - they aren't listed in "exclusive" or "what's new". Clunkiness of [email protected] is still amazing me.
    But in EU they aren't available. It's strange, because 40090 was available since September 1st, like in US. And I believe that in Europe Christmas are more popular than Halloween.
  • parsomparsom Member Posts: 46
    Correction - 40091 is available - when you find it in US [email protected], add to the basket and then change destination. But the other two - not. Which is obvious - Thanksgiving is so popular in Europe.
  • lieslgeelieslgee Member Posts: 17
    Wow. I checked it as late as Monday, and it wasn't there. And then today it shows up.
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