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(US) FT - CMF, Star Wars, City, Chima W - CMF, Various Sets/Minifigures

skullboyskullboy Member Posts: 197
I am located in Texas and prefer to ship only in the continental US.
All of my trades are clean, and from a smoke free home. (I prefer to get the same quality trades as I send out)


Blue Ray Unexepected Journey Bilbo Baggins(figure only) still in plastic container.

#7945 Fire Station (complete/ with instructions)
#7207 Fire Boat (missing a piece or 2 for the top cabin, w/instructions)
#7741 Police Helicopter (complete w/instructions)
#7285 Police Dog Transport Unit (complete w/instructions)

Toy Story
#7597 Western Train Chase (new in box)

Lego Castle
#70402 The Gatehouse Raid

Computer Programmer
Clockwork Robot
Evil Dwarf
Evil Knight x 2
Lady Liberty
Lizard Man
Mechanic x 2
Roman Soldier x 2
Royal Guard
Sleepy Head

Chima Minifigures Loose

Minifigs from #70131 Rogan, Rinoa, Sparacon

Star Wars
#7962 (loose, complete w/instructions)
#9488 (loose, complete w/instructions)
#9492 Tie Fighter (loose, complete w/instructions)

Marvel and DC Superheroes Minifigures
Scarecrow (arkham asylum)

Marvel (Mainly just want the minifigures)
Rocket Racoon
#76016 Spider Helicopter Rescue
#76015 Doc Ock Truck Heist

Star Wars
Wookies (not Chewbacca)
Kashyyk Troopers
#66479 Value Pack
#75035 Kashyyk Troopers
#75043 ATAP
#75048 The Phantom
#75050 B-Wing
#75051 Jedi Scout Fighter
#75052 Mos Eisley Cantina
#75053 The Ghost
#75004 Headhunter
#75005 Rancor Pit
#75019 AT TE
#75025 Jedi Defender Class Cruiser
#9497 Republic Stiker Class Starfighter
#9498 Sasee Tins Starfighter
#9516 Jabbas Palace
Agen Kolar
#7930 Bounty Hunter Ship
#7956 Ewok Attack
#8014 Clone Walker
#7676 Gunship

Aliens/Space Police
Open to any

Legends of Chima
#70003 Eagle Interceptor
#70000 Razcal Glider
#70145 Mualas Ice Mammoth Stomper
#70134 Outland Base
#70135 Craggers Fire Striker
#70141 Vardys Ice Vulture
#70142 Eris Fire Eagle
#70144 Lavals Fire Lion
#70146 Phoenix Fire Temple
#70147 Sir Fangars Ice Fortress

Minifigs Series 1
Zombie from series 1 or Halloween 3 pack (want multiples)
Crazy Scientist
Male Skater

Minifigs Series 12
Video Game Guy
Life Guard
Dino Tracker x many
Pizza Delivery Man
Rock Star
Piggy Guy
Spooky Girl

Lego Movie
#70808 Super Cycle Chase
#70815-1 Super Secret Police Dropship

Lego City can be loose but must be complete and in good condition
Various Buildings (gas station, stores, trains, minifigs, etc.)

#7235 Police Bike x many
#60021 Cargo Heliplane
#60042 High Speed Police Chase
#60048 Police Dog Unit
#7280, 7281 Street Baseplates
#7642 Garage
#7993 Gas Station
#779348 Lego Community
#4207 Garage
#5610 Builder
#5887 Dino HQ
#7744 Police HQ
#40108 Balloon Cart
#60036 Arctic Base Camp
#60035 Arctic Outpost
#60033 Arctic Icecrawler
#60049 Helicopter Transporter
#60057 Camper Van
#60059 Logging Truck
#60062 Arctic Icebreaker
#850092 Polar Accessory Set
#30224 Rid on Mower
#7637 Farm
#7634 Tractor


  • skullboyskullboy Member Posts: 197
  • skullboyskullboy Member Posts: 197
    Update Gone
    Sleepy Head
    Clockwork Robot

    Update Aquired
    Piggy Guy
  • skullboyskullboy Member Posts: 197
    Acquired CMF series 12

    Have extras of
    Gamer Guy x2
    Pizza Delivery Guy
    Genie Girl
    Piggy Guy
  • vriverajr3vriverajr3 Member Posts: 133
    hello, i have some interest in your series 6 figures.
    s6 butcher
    s6 genie
    s6 lady liberty
    s6 sleepy head
    s6 robot
    s6 mechanic

    or possibly the 9492 tie fighter.

    i have some of the s12 figures you're looking for, and i also posted my full "Haves" list just in case you see anything you might like. just let me know, thanks


    * x2 black/red Forest ambush knights(70400)
    * MF x2 Rodney Rathbone(with motorcycle)
    * MF Quinton Steele
    * MF x2 Frank Rock
    * MF x2 Ann Lee
    * Frodo Baggins(set 9469)
    * Friends Hedgehog(just the animal)
    * Crugs swamp jet polybag
    * Galaxy squad chuck stonebreaker
    * Mixels series 3-Glurt
    * Mixels series 3-Footi
    * Ninjago rbooted Zane(From encyclopedia)
    * 21012 Architecture Sydney Opera House**(complete,still in plastic bags. no box. would prefer to trade for another set of similar value but will consider all offers)**

    ***Super heroes***

    * The Flash
    * X-Jet(76022)
    * Wolverine(76022)
    * Sentinel(76022)
    * x3 spiderman
    * aldrich killian
    * TMNT x2 foot soldier
    * TMNT Leonardo(79118)
    * TMNT Karai(79118)
    * Cop(76015)
    * Nova corps officer(76019)
    * Starblaster Ship(76019)
    * Sakaaran(76019)
    * blue/grey Batman with blue wings(6858)(no cowl)

    ***Star Wars***

    * Tie interceptor Microfighter with figure
    * Star Destroyer Microfighter with figure

    ***The Hobbit***

    * Elrond
    * Galadriel
    * Witch-King

    ***Lone Ranger***

    * Rebecca Redi

    ***Collectible Minifigures***

    * S12 x2 space miner
    * S12 x2 dino tracker
    * S12 x1 pizza guy
    * S12 x1 princess
    * S12 x1 video gamer
    * S12 x1 swashbuckler
    * S12 x1 life guard
    * S12 x1 spooky girl

    * x2 Homer
    * x3 lisa
    * x1 bart
    * x1 krusty
    * x1 nelson
    * x1 ned flanders
    * x1 Marge
    * x1 apu
    * x1 grandpa simpson
    * x1 itchy

    * s11 x3 mountain climber
    * s11 x4 welder
    * s11 x2 constable officer

    * s10 x2 Biker
    * s10 x1 revolution soldier
    * s10 x2 baseball player
    * s10 x1 Roman commander

    * s5 x1 fitness women
    * s5 x1 eskimo

    * s3 x1 Elf
  • goingdeepegoingdeepe Member Posts: 24
    sent you a message about a possible trade
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