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[UK] FT: Series 12 CMFs + a few others

MilseyMilsey UKMember Posts: 48
I have the following figures available for trade:

Series 12
Spooky Girl
Piggy Guy
Battle Goddess x 2


Series 9

Series 8
Lederhosen Guy

Series 6
Highland Battler (has wrong sword as it's not as long as it should be)

I am after CMFs from the earlier series (1,2 & 4) and I also need a series 6 Roman Soldier. Will be happy to swap more than one of mine for rarer figures.

PM me with any interest.


  • augenaugen Worcester, UKMember Posts: 317
    I might be able to help you out with S4 ones. Which ones do you need?
  • MilseyMilsey UKMember Posts: 48
    Thanks @augen‌ I need 3 from series 4. Hazmat guy, the ice skater and the crazy scientist.

    Any help greatly appreciated!
  • augenaugen Worcester, UKMember Posts: 317
    According to the database, I'm missing the ice skater and crazy scientist too. I have a feeling a feeling that I have a bag of collectables somewhere that I've not added to my inventory. If so, I'll be unlikely to find them this week sorry.
  • MilseyMilsey UKMember Posts: 48
    No problem, thanks for letting me know. If and when you do find them feel free to leave a comment for me. :-)
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