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2015 Inside Tour



  • legojeroenlegojeroen NetherlandsMember Posts: 31
    So the last tour ended last friday. I had a blast there and I also want to thank you guys for all the tips and tricks wich really helped me get the best experience possible! 
  • silvrilysilvrily AustraliaMember Posts: 3
    I second legojeroen's sentiments!

    Just reiterating some tips for any future Lego Inside Tour attendees:

    - definitely try to spend some time walking around Legoland before or after the tour. We nearly didn't have enough time (we were two adults and only did three rides)

    - don't be shy to ask questions throughout the tour, everyone's really friendly and open (except when in asked about future projects!)

    - absolutely do your research before visiting the employee store. Be very familiar with the price of Lego from your country and make a list of your must-haves and nice-to-haves. Make sure to bring a print out to help you (no phones/cameras allowed inside). Most of the attendees from my tour weren't prepared at all and didn't know how much Lego costs "back home" and I suspect they spent more than what they could've paid at local chain stores especially for US residents. You can also ask for a spare box to help transport any surplus purchases yourself.

    - your season pass will allow you to receive a sheet of coupons. One of them is 25% off a Lego set from the stores inside Legoland. This voucher isn't valid for Legoland branded sets, eg LEGOLAND Entrance with Family (40115). Although this might change for future since a few of us expressed our disappointment ;)

    (I'll probably get hit with some backlash on this next point... but... )
    - I know Lego is "for the kids", but from my observation all the kids from my tour were bored most of the time. It's not because of attention span but because most of the tour comprise of non-kids friendly topics. eg, meeting adults in their place of work, factory/production, warehouse supply/demand discussions, as well as a session relating to a career with Lego. As an adult, I was fascinated about the topics discussed and things that we saw, but I suspect the kids couldn't comprehend what was happening. Kids will definitely have a good time (some of the time), but just be mindful of whether they'll truly enjoy the tour at 7 years old (current minimum age) or perhaps they'll have a better experience a few years older.

     - Your spouse might nag about your never ending Lego collection but they will likely enjoy the tour too! The biggest surprise on our tour was the number of spouse-of-Lego-fan (most had never touched Lego before) and how much they loved the tour (perhaps more than their other half?).

    - Have LOTS of fun. I hope to be lucky enough to attend again in the future.
  • leemcgleemcg Member Posts: 607
    Is no-one from Brickset going on the Inside Tour this year. I like to live vicariously through the posts here!
  • Lego_Lord_MayorcaLego_Lord_Mayorca H-Town, USAMember Posts: 531
    leemcg said:
    Is no-one from Brickset going on the Inside Tour this year. I like to live vicariously through the posts here!
    Got you covered, mate! I'm on the flight to Billund as I type!
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