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[US/US] Trading for many larger sets

jnorlundjnorlund Member Posts: 32

I'm interested in trading for my wants below. I have the following Lego sets or if you are interested, I also have sports cards, comics, action figures and other toys (in your favor for this stuff). I have plenty of feedback across the net tied into Heatware I can provide you with. Definitely going in your favor for most of these sets, provided we value them using the same method. I'm in Nebraska. Thanks for looking:

Pics of all


10235-1 Winter Village Market
21109-1 Exo-Suit
60010-1 Fire Helicopter
79007-1 Battle at the Black Gate
79006-1 The Council of Elrond
6862-2 Superman Vs Power Armor Lex (x3)
70200-1CHI Laval
79119-1 Mutation Chamber Unleashed
7942-1 Off-Road Fire Rescue
4736-1 Freeing Dobby
76009-1 Superman Black Zero Escape (x2)
5002812-1 D2C Minifigure Retro Set 2014 (x2)
76006-1 Iron Man: Extremis Sea Port Battle
70204-1 CHI Worriz
4436-1 Patrol Car
70706-1 Crater Creeper
853340-1 Minifigure Wedding Favour Set
70400-1 Forest Ambush (x2)
5002204-1 Western Emmet
30085-1 Jumping Snakes
30213-1 Gandalf at Dol Guldur (x2)
30265-1 Worriz Fire Bike (x2)

Wants (sealed):
10241 Maersk Triple E
10214 Tower Bridge
10243 Parisian Restaurant
10237 Tower of Orthanc
10224 Town Hall
10218 Pet Shop
10232 Palace Cinema
10226 Sopwith Camel
+Nearly anything that just retired
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