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Trade - I'm after 3x s11 Barbarian for trade with other CMFs / LotR / SW Figures [uk]

cheshirecatcheshirecat Member Posts: 5,331
I'm after 3 or 4 Barbarians from series 11. Open, sealed I don't mind. I have lots of pre S12 CMFs including Simpsons etc. as well as a variety of SW and LotR/Hobbit minifigures to trade. If you have a few barbarians and want to trade let me know and perhaps what you might want and I'll check what I have.


  • djbasics123djbasics123 Member Posts: 45
    Hi I have 4 Barbarians I am willing to trade, im looking for series 10 Sea captain and Trendsetter, Series 9 Hollywood starlet Fortune teller, Forest maiden, Plumber, series 7 Bagpiper, bride, ocean king if not what do yoy have
  • BricktickBricktick Member Posts: 60
    Hi, I've got some and happy to swap. Let me know some of the ones you would like to trade
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