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Bricklink store (Australia)

esurientesurient Member Posts: 10
edited September 2011 in Marketplace
Hi everyone, I have a newly opened bricklink store. I have been creating my own "ultimate" castle theme MOC and I have been purchasing lots of castle related sets and other sets for the pieces. Now my MOC is almost complete, I realised that I kinda over purchased some of the sets. I have listed some of my "fantasy era" sets online (such as Castle Dwarves' Mine etc.) and will list the rest (such as Castle King's Castle Seige, Castle Troll Warship) in the near future.

That aside, I have also been planning and collecting for my next Star Wars MOC project. So I might list some star wars sets and parts (if I have extra) in the future.

Sorry for readers around the world, but due to my other commitments, I only have time to ship locally. But if you feel strongly about an item and wish to purchase, I might make an exception for you. Feel free to contact me for any questions.

Anyway, here is the link,

I am new here so please tell me if I have posted under the correct category.



  • AaronAaron Member Posts: 13
    Only problem I see mate is that the set numbers that the minifigs come from have too many numbers in them.
  • RavenhookRavenhook Member Posts: 70
    Always good to see a new Bricklink store in Australia!

    Just hope you're faster than the two orders I'm waiting for. You'd think an order placed Monday would be ready for the following weekend? Oh well. Patience.
  • esurientesurient Member Posts: 10
    I agree. You could always give them a "gentle" reminder if they are taking their own sweet time.
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