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Where to begin...

In my early 40's, was a child of LEGO through the halcyon days of the late seventies to mid eighties. I came out of my dark ages due to a combination of children, 7191 and creator 4402-4405 and insane reselling profits as a result of Global Pricing Policy and a much lower Australian to US exchange rate! The love for the brick was rekindled and subsequent children (and awesome LEGO sets) have allowed LEGO to permeate most levels of our life (known fact that you wont get any other gift BUT LEGO from myself or my kids).
My introduction to Brickset came via Eurobricks after the (apparent) death of, so needless to say I've been lurking for quite a while before wading in. I enjoy browsing quite a few of the online LEGO sites but find myself always coming back to Brickset for the combination of great ideas and info and sensible and amiable (from what I've seen at least) moderation.
As far as my imminent LEGO future? The conjunction of a fairly huge change coming up in the near future and a challenge from my son finds me hoping to be able to commit to FINALLY building a permanent (but transportable) layout with the hope of eventually displaying.
What do I hope to get from the forums? The ability to provide input based on my meagre product knowledge, opinions (albeit potentially self overinflated), the hope to trade a few things I don't want for some that I do and the answers to a few BURNING brick related questions.

Truth be known, part of what's taken so long was avoiding writing ^THAT novel!


  • HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 6,821
    Welcome aboard @M* (I'm not typing your whole name out!)

    Thanks for your comments about the forum. We do try and keep it a pleasant place to be and generally everyone here is very friendly.

    I look forward to your participation...
    Cheers Huw! Keep up the good work!
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