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Rules for availability of sets in USA/CA, after they stop being sold in UK on [email protected]?

jpsiroisjpsirois Member Posts: 9
edited September 2014 in Shopping USA/Canada
As we can see here for the #10220 set, this set is not available anymore in the UK since 30th August 2014. But still available in the USA and Canada as of today. I also quickly look at another retired not so long set (Mixels Serie 1) and as we can see here for the #41502 it’s been available for about 1 month longer in North America. Here the #10228 has been available only 2 weeks longer.

Any of you know if there’s a "rule" that applied to know when a set is going to stop being available through [email protected] in USA/CA? Like 1 month after it end being available in the UK is really likely to be at the end of it’s availability?

I assume this may vary a bit depending of the stock on each continent, but there’s probably some persons here that know more about it then me.

This will definitely help knowing what to get as next set if we know which one is about to be gone of the shelves soon.

Thank you!


  • BastaBasta Member Posts: 1,259
    edited September 2014
    I don't think there is any magic formula. It's just that North America (and I assume South America) are their own market.

    They have there own stock and distribution channels that are completely separate to the rest of the world, so in almost all cases sets will sell out at different times as they have different stock piles.

    The rest of us are, as far as I know, are all out of Europe and basically share the same stock (atleast for [email protected]).
  • jpsiroisjpsirois Member Posts: 9
    Yeah that totally make sense, but if something is being set as "sold-out" somewhere (and not everywhere) it’s probably a good sign it’s the EOL of the set, and if you want it, probably time to get it.
  • drlmiles1drlmiles1 Member Posts: 194
    #10220 is still available in [email protected](UK), and I have successfully backordered HH today from there, so it's not quite so straightforward...
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