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Good Afternoon Brickset Forum

brick47brick47 CaliforniaMember Posts: 6
edited September 2014 in Introduce yourself
Hello, I am new to this forum, but I am not new to Lego's. I have been collecting and building sets since the first space sets came out in '78, I beleive. Yes, I do still have all the pieces and the instruction books for those sets too. I have what the Lego sets turn into what they are today. There were many times that you could not build something because that part was not invented yet. I am looking forward to talking to everyone here, in this forum about Lego's because it is hard to talk to anyone with out getting that, "but those are just toys" or "act your age". I do not care because the Lego bricks keep my fingers in shape and they fire my imagination to build something really cool. Also, I have introduce my 4 year son to Lego's as well. This is a great father son time togethe as I teach him how the Lego's can fit together in all kinds of shapes. Thank you for letting me join the club!


  • CHERUBboyCHERUBboy Member Posts: 98
    Welcome! But you don't want your kids sticky mitts all over that Lego. Keep it on a high shelf and tell him he can touch it when he's 23 :-)
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