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purple_haze: Hi from north west England

purple_hazepurple_haze Member Posts: 96
edited September 2011 in Introduce yourself
Hi, I've been on Brickset a while now (as akealey) and been a regular reader of the forum, but I've finally got round to joining in! I'm an AFOL out of my dark ages about 2 years ago, I live in north west england (about as far as you can go before Scotland) and my main interests are Castle, pirates and space (up until the mid nineties) but I collect almost anything (take a look at my collection). Although I'm trying to steer clear of Star Wars (could be expensive) but I'm finding it increasingly hard to resist!


  • snaillad1snaillad1 Member Posts: 2
    Hi. Welcome. Take it your from near carlisle then. Im on the other coast. Yes SW is sometimes tempting but I bought the death star to satisfy my needs for figs and since then nothing has really warranted my cash. I would get one before their gone! :D
  • purple_hazepurple_haze Member Posts: 96
    Yeah, that neck of the woods, I have a few Star wars sets but only if they have something in I really want like the Wampa for instance, I've been looking at the Death Star, It looks like a great build but I havent plucked up the courage yet - Ive never spent anywhere near that much on a set!
  • sonsofscevasonsofsceva Member Posts: 542
    Greetings from across the Pond (St. Louis, MO, USA).
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