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Large Mixed Bionicle Collection for sale

ljukicljukic Member Posts: 26

This is a large collection of bionicles, technix, and LEGO Knight's Kingdom I have for sale . This also includes the instructions for the following sets:

Turahk - 8592
Velika - 8721
Piruk - 8723
Balta - 8725
Rascus - 8772
Vahki Vorzakh - 8616
Lewa Nuva - 8567
Panrahk - 8587
Vahki Bordakh - 8615
Toa Hewkii - 8730
Lehvak - 8564
Onua Nuva - 8568
Sir Kentis - 8703
Unknown - 8585
Toa Nuju - 8606
Toa Nokama - 8602
Toa Nuparu - 8729
Tahu Nuva - 8572
Zaktan - 8903
Hakann - 8901
Vladek - 8774
Vahki Nuurakh - 8614

There are probably even more than just this but these are just the ones I guarantee are included in this sale.
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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.