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FS: Lots of (second hand) lego (Prefer EU but might do WW)

odynerdodynerd Member Posts: 1
Hello everyone,

So i have a lot of second hand lego for sale.

7191-1: X-wing Fighter
7140-1: X-wing Fighter
6975-1: Alien Avenger
7161-1: Gungan Sub
7124-1: Flash Speeder
7131-1: Anakin's Podracer
8457-1: Power Puller
6456-1: Mission Control
1853-1: Hypno Cruiser
8210-1: Nitro GTX bike
7111-1: Droid Fighter
6094-1: Guarded Treasure
7180-1: B-wing at Rebel Control Center
7141-1: Naboo Fighter
6909-1: Sonic Stinger
7314-1: Recon Mech RP
6454-1: Countdown Corner
7139-1: Ewok Attack
6580-1: Land Jet 7
6933-1: Spectral Starguider
6451-1: River Response
6047-1: Traitor Transport
6495-1: Time Tunnelator
6579-1: Ice Surfer
6097-1: Night Lord's Castle One trans-red minifig wand missing here.
4559-1: Cargo Railway One banknote missing. But 28 pieces of extra track.
6195-1: Neptune Discovery Lab One of these missing

I have verified that they're all complete. I do have some of the boxes but most are in poor condition. It is second hand but it is in good quality (just a little dusty) and i'd be happy to take plenty of pictures if you're interested in any of these so you can see for yourself.
I'm aware this is my first post and that doesn't exactly scream trustworthy but i don't mind sharing basic personal information if you're interested in buying any of these if that helps.
So yeah PM me an offer on any of these if something caught your eye.


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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.