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Hullo Little hobbitses

I'm really pleased to join a likewise group of Lego afficionados. One could say I have just recently come out of my dark ages in regards to collecting Lego. I wish I had been a few years earlier as 2007 seems to have been a year of awesome sets (café corner, Market street, green grocer, eiffel tower, taj mahal, model house, family home etc), but 2014 has been a year of awesomeness as well. I have been crowing in the brag about thread about my lucky recent find getting mint boxes of the yellowcastle 375 as well as lots of other sets from 1980, but i'm in love with modular sets, love the parisian resto, can't wait for the lonely mountain, love the artic sets and I'm hoping Lego reissue better versions of café corner and the other two early modulars for those of us who missed out. I will look forward to connecting with you all in these forums in the future and thank you to this site for maintaining itself and for accepting me into it's fold.
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