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Looking to sell my entire poly bag collection UK maybe WW

jjb5000jjb5000 Member Posts: 103

As the title states, I am looking to sell off my poly bag collection in one go, don't have the time to split it up and post individually. I am thinking it would appeal to someone with a bricklink/brickowl store or a reseller who can commit the time to splitting it.

All sealed of course

3 x 40109 mini cooper
1 x jor-el
1x 30216 laketown guard
1 x good morning Bilbo
1 x 30215 legolas Greenleaf
2 x 30280 piece of resistance
1 x 40078 hot dog cart
1 x 40048 birthday cake
1 x 30224 lawnmower
2 x TC-4
1 x clone trooper lieutenant
4 x martian manhunter
1 x COMPLETE set of shell Poly's all 7
1 x Darth revan
1 x 40108 balloon cart
1 x 30168 gun mounting system ( iron patriot)
1 x 30116 Rapunzel market
3 x 30230 mini mech
5 x 30246 imperial shuttle
4 x 30301 batwing
4 x 30228 police ATV
4 x 30247 ARC 170 starfighter
5 x 30189 creator plane
8 x 30282 super secret police enforcer
5 x 30302 spider glider
10 x 30300 batman tumbler
1 x 30254 rascal double crosser
1 x 30029 Pudsey bear
1 x 30017 police boat
1 x 30251 winzar pack patrol
1 x 40084 hero factory brain attack accessories pack
1 x 30162 quinjet
1 x 8028 tie fighter
1 x 30222 police helicopter
1 x 30086 hidden chest
2 x 30211 uruk hai
4 x 30200 coffin car
4 x 30213 gandalf at dol guldur
2 x 30260 lone ranger pump car
2 x 30183 little car
2 x 30085 jumping snakes
2 x 30242 republic frigate
4 x 30210 frodo cooking corner
3 x 30240 headhunter
2 x 30105 mailbox
2 x 30108 picnic
8 x 30152 mining quad

Rough maths I think that's 119 Poly's in total including a smattering of rarer ones in there, might even have a couple more lying around somewhere which I will add if I come across

Now for the real bit, I would like £350 shipped in the UK, if shipping elsewhere this will need to be increased due to shipping costs where needed.

I am open to a decent offer so PM me and see if we can do a deal

Thanks for looking



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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.