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UK FT - various polys/figs/sets for SDCC14 Figs

boshoodaboshooda Member Posts: 75
Looking to try aquire the recent SDCC 2014 figures : The Collector and Batman Zur-En-Arrh
I have some poly bags for trade (all new/sealed)

Martian Manhunter x 3
Iron Patriot
Spider Glider x 2
Tumbler x 3
Batwing x 3
Jor El x 2
Batman Jetski
Thor and cosmic cube
Elrond (lotr)
Imperial shuttle x 3
Arc-170 x 3
Tc-4 x 2
Darth Revan
Pyjamas emmet x 2
Shell Ferrari - full set of 7
Mini Mini Cooper x 2

+ a few random figures from various sets:
Deadpool from 6866
Jango Fett from 7153
Grima Wormtongue from 10237
(All figs in excellent condition)
+ various other sets/figs(please ask if there's anything specific your after)

I'm in the UK , so Looking to trade within the UK ideally , but realise a trade worldwide is more realistic . I have traded on here a few times before and also have a 100% eBay feedback.

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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.