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[PL to EU/UK/USA] Old school and unique Lego sets for sale

Hi All,

Below Lego sets from 80s/90s for sale. This is a great offer for all Lego collectors to get unique sets bought in Baltona and Pewex shops in Poland almost 20 years ago. All sets have boxes and instructions, however as they were collected long time back please bear in mind that some of the boxes may be unglued or slightly rent.

Most of the sets are complete, a few of them may miss a few small pieces but I have not found it difficult to bulid them up even without them. They can be easily replaced with the the bricks from the other sets.

I would prefer to sell all sets in one go, however if you are interested in any particular set, just let me know and I will surely consider each offer.

I am based in Poland but can ship worlwide. The shipping costs may be discussed once the concrete offer would be received. PayPal and IBAN payments available.

There is no exact price I want to get for my 'toys'. Just let me know what your reasonable offer is and I believe we will come to the common consensus. I would prefer to retain the sets but due to lack of time for the hobby its better another hothead is having fun with them.

For the one from whom the best offer will be received, I will add the set of traffic signs, a few Technics buts and other small lego pieces that may be part of the missing pieces from the sets, however due to lack of time recently, I have not had a chance to sit down and suit them accordingly.

Please let me know in case of any questions, I will be happy to help. For any of you who would be interested in my offer, I may send you the photos of the sets I have recently made, just let me know ;)

Id Number Model
1 6430 Police car
2 6693 Garbage truck
3 6057 Knigths'boat
4 6648 Sports car
5 6663 Car with trailer and motorboat
6 6401 Windsurfing boat, jet ski and small island
7 6642 Police helicopter
8 6035 Watchtower with guard na horse
9 6526 Sports car
10 6831 Space vehicle
11 6687 Plane
12 8826 Technics - Quad
13 6016 Knight' waggon with horse
14 6667 Roadworks car with trailer
15 6812 SPace vehicle
16 6081 Knights' castle
17 4020 Fire boat
18 6386 Police station
19 6851 Space vehicle
20 6645 Road sweeper car
21 8815 Technics - Kart
22 8210 Technics - Motorbike
23 6590 Car with caravan
24 6662 Bulldozer
25 6679 Motorboat
26 6531 Fire helicopter
27 6644 Car with trailer and motorbike
28 6513 Motorboat
29 6658 Bulldozer
30 6641 Jeep
31 8812 Technics - Helicopter
32 8223 Technics - Motorboat
33 6676 Police car
34 8810 Technics – Motorbike
35 6661 TV car
36 6884 Spacecraft
37 6669 Truck
38 6017 Knights' boat
39 6671 Car with trailer and lift
40 8820 Technics - Jeep
41 8022 Technics - Plane/race car
42 8830 Technics- race car/jeep
43 8828 Bulldozer
44 6480 Fire car with trailer
45 6375 Cargo plane
46 6381 Raceway

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