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Lego Colour Matching

Hello everyone, this is my first ever post....on anything, so apologies if its not in the right place or its been said 100 times before.... I just wanted to share / ask if its just me that gets mismatched Lego pieces. I have recently built the Mini Cooper and the Dark Green pieces are not all the same dark green. In general standard bricks and plates are ok, but modified bricks seem to be different. So the door for example looks odd. Has anyone else had this issue?

On a related note Yellow is the other Colour..... my two classics are Geoffrey the Toys R Us giraffe (which technically was free with a Lego purchase) but still its different yellows. I can only assume they make subsets of parts in one factory or country and one in another, so no-one compares. The 2nd yellow set was the Shell Ferrari 458. It had just 2 Lego bricks (1x3) one was yellow (to my eyes less yellow than normal) the other was orangey yellow. I ended up ordering 3 replacement new bricks from bricklink in case they were different too.


  • legogallegogal Member Posts: 754
    Yes, differences within the same color of brick have been discussed ad infinitem here. There are huge variations in some of the colors, and this must drive super perfectionists insane. I tend to like the variation because colors in real life tend to vary from batch to batch of whatever item you are viewing. And for buildings, these variations add depth to the build. But many disagree with my laid back approach.

    There are many reasons for the differences. And you will notice even greater variations if your bricks or the ones you buy have been exposed to sunlight. So be very careful you don't increase these differences because bricks do fade over time on their own as well.
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