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Lego Sorting work out!

NatebwNatebw Member Posts: 339
I build when I have a particular project that I want to work on (like a classroom for back to school time right now) and the rest of the time I sort and hang out with my kids while they build.

We upgraded the Lego storage system from dozens of various medium and large containers under the kids beds (they are in the same room) to the tallest IKEA Trofast organizers. With stuff stacked on top it is about 6 feet tall. It is organized so the unsorted on the bottom drawer, then bricks, then above the slopes, then above that small specialized bricks, then Technics in the top drawer.

One nice part about this is that I can put the hardest to sort higher up so they are less likely to dump it all out and undo all my sorting. Of course, they can use them if they want, but I can encourage them to be careful.

But here is the great thing. Instead of sitting and sorting by chucking bricks in to various bins around the room I literally have to do squats to get a brick from the unsorted bin and put it in the appropriate bin above it. I must of have done 200 squats this morning. I really worked up a sweat! As I type this, I can feel the workout in my quads.

I am so happy about this 3 for one deal (kids, sorting, exercise). Maybe I should put a shelf even higher up so I have to do burpees to sort. Or put critical bins on the other side of the room so I can get in some cardio at the same time. Or maybe a treadmill....... OK, now I am getting crazy. :)

You do anything like this?
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