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Hey everyone

Hi everyone, I started getting back into lego a few of years ago after buying some sets for my kids. Luckily at the time my wife was working at a toy shop. My kids are getting a bit older now so it's mainly me that builds.
I prefer building original sets and over the last six months or so I have rebuilt over 100 sets. I was lucky enough to "inherit" a large amount of sets from a nephew, Mainly most of the original Harry Potter sets.
I am trying to collect Star Wars sets mainly the original trilogy sets.

Also I have just made my first purchase of a large bulk amount of lego. I am still going through it but it appears to have some very old pieces. I might have to ask some questions about some pieces because I'm not sure what sets they are from. It did include a few early Castle sets including 6085, some original Space sets, which I owned as a kid, and a large Fabuland set 137.


  • BooTheMightyHamsterBooTheMightyHamster Member Posts: 1,528
    Welcome to Brickset!
    Inheriting from your nephew! Get it in writing that he doesn't want it back when he comes out of his dark ages!!
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