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FT/FS (UK) - 6979 Used

BranBran Member Posts: 1
Hello folks.
To make way for some new and shiny sets I'm getting rid of a few I no longer want. (I'm rediscovering Lego - possibly the greatest resdiscovery since that bloke found that Egyptian mummy a while back).
Aslo, as this is my first post on here, I'll add: Hello everyone! Good to be here.

So, first up is 6979, Intersellar Starfight.

The good:
-The box is in surpsisingly good condition considering how destructive a child I was. Includes all cardboard and plastic inserts. It does have some sticker residue on the front which I think could probably be removed by someone with more patience than I. Pictures for details.
-All electric parts work perfectly inc. motor, flashing lights and fiber optics. Comes with spare thingy.

The not so good:
-98.96% complete (I even did the sums)
~a 1x2 old grey tile
~a 1x2 black tile with yellow and orange display pattern (this one here)
~a 1x2 black plate
Why all 1x2? I don't know. Bizzarely, I don't even have a replacement 1x2 black plate in amongst various other bits and pieces. Very odd. Perhaps I had some weird prejudice as a child.
-One of the little clips on the Micromotor Top has broken (see image for close up).
-It's all quite dusty... bit embarrasing.

Pictures below. Note - no. 1 shows sticker marks, no. 5 shows the broken element (plate for propping purposes). The grey plate the minifigs are standing on in no. 4 isn't included.

So to the business side of things.

Ideally I'd prefer to trade. I'm looking for any Kingdoms sets. I have none at the moment but that's where I'd like to start my collection. I'm pretty sure that's a big ask as they're all fairly sought-after. (I'm still new to all this, so bear with me).
Otherwise, any Hobbit and Lord of the Rings except for 9469. Also interested in various Castle sets (preferably 2007 onwards).
Really, I'm pretty much happy to trade for anything, even small sets. I don't know how much the set's worth, especially in trade value so all fair offers will be considered.

For selling, I truthfully don't know what to ask. As said, I don't know what the set's worth. I've found scant evidence of previous sales but not enough for a solid price. If anyone would like to give me a suggestion I'd be very appreciative. But otherwise: whatever you think is a fair offer.

And that's about all I can think of so I'll leave it there. Chuck me a PM if at all interested or feel free to ask questions here.
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