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Collection for sale.

legostar19legostar19 Member Posts: 2
Im selling my entire lego collection. Around 95 sets, 280+ minifigs and 45 pounds of loose pieces. Free US shipping, 700 shipping to Canada, or 1000 shipping anywhere else via FedEx ground.


  • ecmo47ecmo47 Member Posts: 2,101
    What happened to your ebay listing? Wasnt it up to $2100.00?

    Also, your post isn't very clear. What is the price in the US with the free shipping?
  • legostar19legostar19 Member Posts: 2
    Ebay buyer backed out.
    That was the third time i posted it so im getting tired of ebay.
    And my US price with free shipping is 2800. The same price can apply to other countries just add the shipping.
  • ecmo47ecmo47 Member Posts: 2,101
    Sorry to hear that. Got luck!
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