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[AUS] WTTF: Myer LEGO Movie Collector Cards

NikaliptusNikaliptus Member Posts: 27
I have a few duplicate Myer LEGO Movie collector cards that I'm hoping to trade for the ones I'm missing, so please PM me if you're interested/can help.

03/20 Good Cop
07/20 Benny
09/20 Vitruvius
13/20 Bad Cop
15/20 Frank the Foreman
16/20 Unikitty
18/20 President Business

Have for trade;
01/20 Emmet
02/20 Batman
04/20 Ma & Pa Cop
08/20 Sudds Backwash
10/20 Chef Gordon Zola
11/20 Metal Beard
17/20 Robot Fed
19/20 Robot Swat

or if preferred, I also have a few McDonalds Happy Meal items;
Batman cup
Emmet cup
full sheet of 8 collector quiz cards (incl. Wyldstyle, Emmet, Unikitty, Good Cop, Batman, Metal Beard, Vitruvius & President Business)

Thanks for reading
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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.