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[email protected] order status no longer showing a tracking number?

graphitegraphite USMember Posts: 3,270
edited July 2014 in Buying & Selling Topics
For a while now I've noticed that the order status for my orders no longer get updated with a tracking number. Does anyone else have this issue? Or does anyone still get their tracking numbers?


  • cmrt1014cmrt1014 Member Posts: 396
    Mine have not for quite some time - their explanation is that I'm using a PO Box, so they don't have a tracking number. Yet... they arrive every time with a tracking number on them.

    I had a December 2013 order shipped to the house (can't say why), and it does have a tracking number on the order status.
  • graphitegraphite USMember Posts: 3,270
    ^ Ah that would explain it for me as well. I've been shipping to my PO Box since I moved so packages don't sit at my door all day. Don't know why it wouldn't have the tracking number put in since even with shipping Parcel Post you get tracking and every package now has a number even if it doesn't show the delivery information. It is possible the rate they get with the USPS doesn't include the online tracking viewing which is what you get with Priority, Parcel and when you pay the $1.05 for a first class parcel. Otherwise the number is only internally trackable to the USPS but won't show anything online.

    So maybe they don't want to put it in if it doesn't show online because that makes it confusing. Or another option since we all know their online system sucks, is that the tracking portion of [email protected] is only set up for UPS numbers. That wouldn't surprise me at all.
  • ColoradoBricksColoradoBricks Denver, CO, USAMember Posts: 1,672
    I got an order shipped in 2 packages, one with Fedex, one with SmartPost. Both tracking number were listed the order and both had full details (they both arrived today).
  • cmrt1014cmrt1014 Member Posts: 396

    Actually, it does track online - I am keeping track of when packages are actually available in my box. I think that the PO box packages are sent by a third-party company - mine usually come with two labels plastered one on top of the other. They used to have the other company name in the return address, but shortly after I inquired about the other name on it, it now says LBRI on it. I've also noted a delay between when LSAH says it's shipped, and when tracking starts, which would make sense if it was transferred to another company for actual shipping.

  • graphitegraphite USMember Posts: 3,270
    ^ I didn't mean that the ones from LEGO specifically don't track. I mean there is a label that goes on every first class parcel that has a tracking number that doesn't track online unless you've paid for "tracking", which is included in Priority and Parcel. Was just speculating a reason why they might not be adding it.
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