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cennsor: here i am/we are

cennsorcennsor Member Posts: 7
edited May 2011 in Introduce yourself
so let's see if i got this right..

first of all, congrats on the forum idea! it's brilliant. i'm already looking forward to discussing our common passion here with all of you guys.

so! i'm your average LEGO-lover from italy (now living in belgium), alas closer to my 30s than my 20s.. and i signed up here to keep on track with everything new LEGO is coming up and out with, after years of not playing nor building with it (kind of what many call their "dark ages"). but as a matter of fact, i also loved how complete and clean the site looks, making it a cool guide to all the old stuff as well. and as most of you guys here (just my guess!), i still feel pretty nostalgic about my playing days..

one of the reasons is that my two younger brothers and i used to play together, so all of our LEGO were sort of a common. so when one of my bros and i moved, we decided to keep them home, where the youngest of us still lives, till either he moves out as well, or i do to a "steadier" place. that means all of our LEGO are still there, and the youngest of us gets to "guard" them. we kind of find it fitting for such a task to fall upon the youngest one..

to keep them all together in the same place does have its upsides. but that's another story. i'll just add that gives us the chance to use them all together (they don't *play* with them anymore either, my youngest bro being 18), which of course means broader building possibilities and so on. my brothers and i do get to see each other on some holidays, and that will be the case for the upcoming easter. we've already agreed on spending some time together inventarising the collection.

speaking of which, let me just add one thing: some 10-20% of all we own comes from other people's old collections ("old" to our own generation, meaning: from the very late 70s to the 80s). we received those bricks as gifts. and as they were already used and came with no instructions, there's basically no way i could tell from which sets in particular they come from (with a very few exceptions). on the other hand, all the sets i'm sure about (cause i remember buying them or being given them) i've put here on "my sets" list, which you of course can browse. it's a fair approximation of all the LEGO my brothers and i own, and it's already been checked by all of us, so it should be pretty correct.

sorry for the long post (i promise to keep it much shorter from now on!) and uh.. brick on, all of you!


  • HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 6,712
    Welcome on-board, cennsor!
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