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(UK) Fire Brigade 10197 Wanted Used/New Incomplete

joel4motionjoel4motion Member Posts: 959
Hello all,

My mate is after a FB to build with his son. They have all the modulars with the exception of CC but no idea of the prices Lego escalates to when retired. He is a little gutted to say the least that he can't get a hold of one so knowing that I have a bit of Lego asked for my help. I only have one now which is MISB so before he guilt trips me into giving it to him I thought id ask here.

It can be new/used, with box/without box, mint/little dirty as long as there is nothing major missing. They have a lot of Lego so can replace parts but instructions are a must.

He doesn't understand the concept of trading Lego so will be paying cash unless you'd like him to drop ship you anything. I have done many, many trades and sales here.

Any offers considered and appreciated.




  • joel4motionjoel4motion Member Posts: 959
    Bump for this.

    Whilst I appreciate the offers for new sets it would be silly to buy NIB if its to be opened and built by an 11 year old! Unless someone wants to pass on one at used cost!

    Used preferable but will consider destroyed boxes/bagged etc if the price is right...

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