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FT: Harry Potter minifigs (UK)

CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,559
I have a few HP minifigs to trade.

These ones are new, unassembled:
Hagrid hp111
HP x2 hp094
Narcissa Malfoy hp126
Dobby hp105
Lucius Malfoy hp104 but no cape

These ones are used (displayed but unplayed, no scratches):
Draco Malfoy hp040 very good condition, original "stars" cape
Peeves hp010 very good condition, expect one arm has a short crack near the hand

If possible I'd like to trade all eight in one go. I'm open to offers, I have cut and paste some old wants lists below.

I also have these that can be traded too (all new) ...

tlm057 Benny
kitty03 Queasy Kitty
tlm052 Alfie the Apprentice x1
tlm053 Plumber Joe x1
tlm054 Dr McScrubs x1
toy004 Buzz
toy005 Zurg

S2 Traffic cop
S9 Hero knight
S7 Viking woman
S5 Boxer
S6 Bandit
S5 Royal Guard
S6 Highland Warrior
S11 Mountaineer (x2, but one is missing the rope)
S10 Baseball catcher


Simpsons CMF Marge, Lisa, 3* Homer and 2* Bart

lor069 Soldier of the Dead (x2 if poss)
lor070 Soldier of the Dead (x2 if poss)
lor023 Mordor Orc
lor011 Moria Orc

sh057 Dr. Harleen Quinzel (or just torso)
sh061 Jumpsuit Joker *
sh058 Scarecrow *
sh024 Harley Quinn (6857) *
sh085 Nightwing
sh020 The Joker's Henchman - Lime Jacket
sh062 Bane (76001)
sh036 Iron Man (circle on chest) *

Most recent superheroes - sh084 onwards ... especially ...
sh089 Batman - Dark Bluish Gray Suit, Gold Belt, Dark Bluish Gray Hands
sh091 Robin - Green Hands
sh103 Mary Jane
sh111 Batman - Light Bluish Gray Suit with Yellow Belt and Crest, Blue Mask and Cape

TLM Shakespeare (multiples, or just torso and legs if need be)

tlm041 Blacktron Fan
tlm042 Fabuland Fan

CMFs S10 roman commander, or the harder to find ones ... S6 roman, S5 dwarf, S4 viking, S3 elf, S2 spartan. I don't mind taking bulk lots of these if you have them.

SW: mainly lower priority, except top ones.

Han in Carbonite moulded piece 87561pb01 *
sw508 Ewok Warrior *
sw509 Luke Skywalker *
Darth Vader – will consider any versions *
sw292 Luke – Jedi Knight *
sw510 Teebo *
sw402 Jabba The Hutt - Tan Face *
Rancor – complete
sw404 Bib Fortuna - Bared Teeth
sw280 Bossk
sw407 Boushh
sw250/250a Crix Madine
sw405 Gamorrean Guard
sw376 Imperial Officer (or sw114,sw154,sw293)
sw294 Imperial Pilot
sw208 Imperial Trooper
sw141 Jawa
sw372 Jek Porkins
sw251 Lando Calrissian (General Outfit)
sw342 Luke Skywalker (Bacta Tank Outfit)
sw098 Luke – Hoth
sw461 Luke – Pilot
sw434 Malakili
sw486 Max Reebo
sw248 Mon Calamari Officer
sw249 Mon Mothma
sw406 Oola
sw485 Leia – Slave
sw504 Leia – EV
sw371 Leia - 9495
sw235 Leia Endor
sw346 Leia Hoth
sw212 Protocol Droid
sw344 R-3PO
sw370 R5-F7
sw399 Rebel Pilot X-wing
sw369 Dutch Vander
sw483 Ree-Yees
sw408 Salacious B Crumb
sw505 Scout Trooper
sw463 Snowtrooper
sw097 Chrome Stormtrooper
sw487 Weequay
sw513 Wicket with tan face


  • MilseyMilsey Member Posts: 48
    PM sent
  • Steve_J_OMSteve_J_OM Member Posts: 999
    PM sent.
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,559
    TLM Benny has gone, others still available.
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,559
    Was anyone interested in the HP characters, before they get sold off elsewhere?
  • MilseyMilsey Member Posts: 48
    I'm interested in some of the others, do you have an up-to-date wants list at all?
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