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FS ( EUROPE ). Lots of sets - brand new !!

SALESALE Member Posts: 32
I have some sets to sell, all of them are brand new.
Pictures available on request.
I am located in Croatia ( will send worldwide but prefer Europe )
Ebay/bricklink seller . PayPal + tracking on all packages.
Make me some reasonable offer!

2 x 10214 Tower Bridge
4 x 79105 Baxter robot rampage
3 x 9500 Sith fury class interceptor
4 x 40079 Mini VW t1 camper
1 x 7939. Cargo train
33 x 30102. Olivia's desk ( they go all 33 together (: )
2 x 9468. Vampyre castle
2 x 9467 Ghost train
5 x 79106. Cavalry ( Lone ranger ) all 5 together
1 x 8110. Unimog
4 x 21103. Delorean time machine
1 x 6860. Batcave
1 x 9474 Mines of moria
1 x 9473. Helms deep
2 x 10220. Camper VW
1 x 10236. Ewok village
1 x 10228. Haunted house
1.x 10240 Red five x wing

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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.