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DC Comics Super Heroes

AanchirAanchir Member Posts: 3,044
edited July 2014 in The Database
I was just looking in the database and I realized that while DC Comics Super Heroes is now a separate theme from Marvel Super Heroes, the latter has subthemes for different movies or franchises and the former does not. It would probably be OK to categorize everything into subthemes based on whatever brand is pictured on the box, as is currently done with Marvel sets.

#6857, #6858, #6860, #6863, #6864, #10937, #30160, #30161, #30166, #30301, #76000, #76010, #76011, #76012, and #76013 would all be in the "Batman" subtheme. #30300 and #76001 would be in the "The Dark Knight Rises" subtheme.

#6862 and #30164 would be in the "Superman" subtheme. #76002, #76003, #76009, and #5001623 would be in the "Man of Steel" subtheme.

#5002126 and the Comic-Con figs would not have any subtheme listed, like #5000022 and the Marvel Comic-Con figs. On a side note, shouldn't the Martian Manhunter fig's main picture be a picture of the package? I thought that was Brickset policy when it came to polybag sets.

Categorizing sets is confusing... I've been beginning to wonder whether it would be worthwhile for Brickset to adapt to using "tags" like uses instead of themes and subthemes. It might make things easier when dealing with sets that seem like they should appear in multiple groups, like Creator Expert (both "Creator" and "Advanced Models"), the Marvel constraction figures (both "Constraction" and "Avengers"), or the LEGO Ninjago board game (both "Games" and "Ninjago").


  • MatthewMatthew Administrator Posts: 3,714
    I've changed the subthemes, how's it looking now?
  • AanchirAanchir Member Posts: 3,044
    Matthew said:

    I've changed the subthemes, how's it looking now?

    Looks great! :D

    On another note, could the subtheme of all these sets be changed from "Avengers" to "The Avengers"? That's the movie title and what's on the set (the word "the" is easy to miss because it's hidden in the cross-mark of the letter A).

    On that note, the Brickset database is pretty inconsistent about use of the word "The". It's in the theme name for "The Simpsons", "The LEGO Movie", and "The Hobbit" but omitted from the theme names for "The Lone Ranger" and "The Lord of the Rings". Personally I think including it wherever it's in the franchise title would be most appropriate, since the search function of the Brickset database can find search terms even if they're in the middle of a theme or set name.

    One more thing: Should #76017 and #76018 be listed under a separate "Avengers Assemble" subtheme? They're currently listed under the "Avengers" subtheme, but not only does the packaging differ, but it uses decidedly different versions of certain characters like Thor and Captain America.

    Sorry if it's any trouble!
  • HuwHuw Administrator Posts: 7,120
    Agreed -- I'll get them changed.
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