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Mr P does MOCs in his sleep!

MrPMrP Member Posts: 2
Hi everyone, Mr P's dad here. Brickset is a brilliant resource which I have used to track down 'interesting' sets for Mr P. While I love helping out with the set builds (my job is always sorting the pieces :<) it is what happens after the set has been broken up which really excites me...

Mr P obviously has a lot more creativity and imagination than his parents: just because Lego describes a piece as an axle or plate with handle doesn't mean that it can't be a bird's beak or the branch of a tree in the mind of a child. It just goes to show what a magical toy Lego is.

The other thing we are amazed at is the way someone who doesn't understand the technicalities of MOC building can still come up with really clever construction techniques just by fitting things together until they look right. The models involve a lot of SNOT but no adult input: we just buy the sets, take the pictures and try to keep the floors clear of bricks.

We have an occasional blog going to share Mr P's MOCs if anyone is interested <a href=""> and have listed his sets on this site (although I'm still not sure I've set up the sharing right yet).

Love all the enthusiasm here and reading about the diversity of reasons for people enjoying Lego. Keep it coming!


  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
    Welcome, it sure looks like Mr P enjoys building (and no doubt playing) with his lego.

    And imagination beats having hundreds of instruction books. It's a great thing to have.

  • GallardoLUGallardoLU Member Posts: 644
    to be 6 again, and to have a completely open imagination, I miss that. don't get me wrong I can still take a hand full of parts and build something wonderful out of it, I do find that getting inspiration for builds is harder to come by.

    let Mr. P know that his work is great! and that he should keep on building for as long as he can! growing up is optional after all ;)
  • MrPMrP Member Posts: 2
    edited July 2014
    Thanks for the comments, and for everyone who clicked through to the blog. If anyone has any comments about specific builds it would be very cool if you could leave them on the blog as Mr P is allowed to read his blog responses... and followers are always welcome as there is loads more to come!
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