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FS (US) many set for sale, make offer all different sets!!

ddbenvinddbenvin USMember Posts: 90
I have bunch of sets for sale, make reasonable offer! I will ship to UK but shipping will reflect. I am a positive brickset seller, and also Amazon sales too. PayPal of course with tracking on all packages. See sets below:
All are complete pieces count,but i do not have the packaging or boxes unless otherwise noted. Includes all the minifigs in the set.

10234- Sydney Opera House ( has instructions)
60025- Grand Prix truck
60019-stunt plane
20217- master builder academy designer( with all instructions and bags sealed)
9449-ultrasonic raider
60011- three of these
70003- eris's eagle interceptor
70502-Coles earth driller
20216- master builder robot and micro
60021-cargo helicopter
60013-coast guard helicopter
10229- winter village cottage
76003- battle of smallville
79110- silver mine shoot out
3315-Olivia's house
70010 chi lion temple
15020- jabbas sail barge
41005-heart lake high
79104- shell raiser street chase
31012-creator family house
21005- falling water
40096-dragon monthly build
Micro manager mini build-2
40064-sheep mini build-3 sealed package
40065- blue jay mini build-3 sealed package
Pictures needed please message


  • ddbenvinddbenvin USMember Posts: 90
    No offers?
  • msandersmsanders Member Posts: 1,017
    Hi, please don't take this the wrong way but I presume a lot of people will be cautious. You only joined brickset on the 1st July so naturally people will be worried about buying without photos or any other feedback on your selling.

    I hope you understand. Hopefully you'll get some positive feedback from your Lego Movie sticker selling so that will help people buy in confidence.

    I'm interested in the Movie sticker
  • MiniFigHunterMiniFigHunter Member Posts: 113

    not being picky but

    40096 is spring tree and not dragon

    how much for 10229- winter village cottage plus shipping to UK
  • ecmo47ecmo47 North CarolinaMember Posts: 2,101
    Also, this site is dominated by savvy bargain hunters so if your stuff isn’t 30% below MSRP, it will not move very fast.
  • ddbenvinddbenvin USMember Posts: 90
    Mssanders, I completely understand, I have shipped the stickers so hopefully good feedback will flow in. I do have amazon and bricklink feedbacks. But I understand the caution.

    I am willing to discount to move these, and expected to drop price by 25-30%.

    Winter village I can do for 90 shipped to UK
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