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(US) Stuff for sale or trade - mostly Orcs + Yazneg, Necromancer and Azog

ludzikludzik US (SoCal)Member Posts: 430
edited July 2014 in Marketplace
So here's what I got. I'd prefer to sell but I'm open to trades. What I need is saddles (plenty of), helmets (specifically this one http://www.bricklink...asp?P=10054pb01 ), black falcon minifig torsos, legs with armor on them (various types, let me know what you got).
I'm also interested in the small round shields (dwarf style).
Also I'm after various printed armor (speckled bronze, painted black ones of various styles, painted grey ones of various styles)

All figs are new - removed from factory sealed sets and set aside.

Yazneg http://www.bricklink...PG.asp?M=lor038 $2.75
Hunter Orc http://www.bricklink...em.asp?M=lor048 $4.25
Gundabad Orc with hair and spikes http://www.bricklink...em.asp?M=lor077 $4.50
Gundabad Orc with hair http://www.bricklink...em.asp?M=lor076 $3.75
Gundabad Orc bald http://www.bricklink...em.asp?M=lor088 $2.75 (x2)
Gundabad Orc bald with spikes http://www.bricklink...em.asp?M=lor089 $3.50
Azog http://www.bricklink...em.asp?M=lor087 $15.00
Necromancer http://www.bricklink...em.asp?M=lor081 $6.00


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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.