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Bulk Buying for Young Children

wnrsmwnrsm Member Posts: 4
edited August 2011 in Buying & Selling Topics

I searched the forum for a similar topic but mostly eBay topics turned up. If this has been covered before, I'd appreciate a link and maybe a pointer on how to search effectively.

I have 4yo and 6yo boys that would likely be thrilled to get a "couple of gallons" of assorted bricks. What's the best way to get something like that? They're obviously not into cherry picking or have any specific wants/needs. I just want to get a big old pile with which to build that isn't all tiny pieces. I am sincerely jealous of how easy entertained they are.

The boys have seen my 8868 Air Tech Claw Rig that I got new a long time ago. They might get to touch it in a few (dozen - ha!) years, so I want to get them their own.

I freehand built a batmobile out of what little stuff they have now and they were thrilled. They're not hard to impress as my skills likely do not compare to yours. :) I find that the sets they have now are chock full of "model-specific" pieces without a good set of your basic/universal bricks.

Given that my search has turned up a lot of eBay shenanigans, I'm a little shy about going there. I'd like to know what you'd recommend.



  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Member Posts: 10,791
    edited August 2011
    To be honest. I recommend getting up early on a Friday or Saturday and hitting garage sales..
    Ebay is getting to be expensive for large Lego lots, at least to me... Especially now.
    It seems EVERYONE wants to buy a parts lot, especially if someone happens to throw a Lego Star Wars minifig or Piece of 9 volt track into the lot...
    To be honest, most bulk lots on eBay are overpriced..

    Garage sales may, or may not, be much better (a friend of mine saw a lot of Lego in a garage sale where the people wanted 300 bucks since that is what they saw on eBay) but I think you can still find good lots of Lego in garage sales.
    Now, to be fair, eBay is better than Craigslist IMO.. you may get a good deal, but something about meeting stranger to exchange an amount of money worries me.

    So I would say watch for bulk 5 -10 pound lots on eBay, those do not go too high on eBay.. again, larger lots are usually going for too much now, especially if they have instructions and minifigs, etc.
    And watch garage sales in your area (and/or estates sales) maybe flea markets (but get there early, I'm guessing)

    Also be prepared to wash those Lego as well... many kids treat them badly.. I have found Volumes of stuff on Lego lots I have bought in the past, including 'dirt' at least I hope that was dirt', hair, dog hair, cat hair, chocolate (again hoping it was chocolate) dirt clumps with lumps of lint, sticky Lego, greasy Lego, Lego that appears to have some kind of bleaching powder spilled on the, etc) OR look for lots where someone says they have been cleaned..
    Also make sure you ask if the Lego comes from a smoke free home or if there is smoke smell, smoke smell is sickening and very hard to get rid of.
    So be prepared to clean them especially if you plan on your kids to play with them!!

  • Lego_MooseLego_Moose Member Posts: 36
    ^Totally agree most of my old Lego (Actually all of it) is from Garage Sales or Craiglist
  • wnrsmwnrsm Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for the tips!

    What do you think about this seller's current auctions?

    (No mention of whether or not they have been exposed to smoke)
  • StuBoyStuBoy Member Posts: 623
    If you want new LEGO what about a basic set, like 6166 Large Brick Box, or some of the smaller sets with doors and windows, roof tiles or wheels? At least then you know what you're getting, and where its been!
  • oldtodd33oldtodd33 Member Posts: 2,696
    I think the 38lb. lot looks the best. The 43lb lot I would stay away from. It looks like there are a lot of filler parts that don't get played with much. The parts look to have been sorted which can be a bad thing because people will skim the good parts out and leave you with worthless junk. Also on the 43lb lot the seller says " a few figures ", that's probably all there are too. You should see about 1 figure per pound at least. Watch out for blurry photos too, they could be hiding the fact that the Legos have been abused. Good luck.
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