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1st Technic set in 25+years!!

Hey everyone,

My name is Andrew and live just outside London. I was a massive lego fan when I was young and collected tonnes of sets but have recently begin getting my daughter some of the newer Friends and Princess lego range. Sucked in by all of this lego playing, I have just ordered my first technic set in over 25 years which should hopefully be arriving on Monday. I settled on the 9398 which seemed to offer a nice challenge as well as providing some good PF's to use on future models.......and I also plan on letting my daughter play with (fingers crossed it stands up well).

I am looking at buying quite a bit in the next few years - hopefully starting with the new Volvo piece coming out in August.

Anyway, just wanted to say Hi and will see you all on the forums.



  • BooTheMightyHamsterBooTheMightyHamster Member Posts: 1,528
    Hi Andrew.
    Sounds exactly like me, 18 months ago.
    Take a long, last lingering look at your money while you still can...
  • JumpinbeansJumpinbeans Member Posts: 70
    I started putting together the list of what I want on Brickset and the prices....yikes. One step at a time :) My other half wasn't too impressed with the cost but will have to keep it quiet from now on.

    I also got my massive old box of lego out of the garage, time for a clean and a sort. May have to invest in some cases to keep it nice and tidy.
  • mountebankmountebank Member Posts: 1,237
    It isn't Technic but if you're looking for sets which are nice to have, perhaps you should have a look at #10220.
  • DadDad Member Posts: 816
    #42008 is a good Technic buy at the moment @ £73 @ Tesco Direct with a 1000 extra cc points which equates to another £10.
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