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[UK/WW] Castle, Star Wars Minifigs & various polybags for trade.

donutboydonutboy U.K.Member Posts: 763
I have the following items for trade:

3x cas525: Castle - Dragon Knight Scale Mail with Dragon Shield and Shoulder Armor, Helmet with Neck Protector, Dark Gray Beard

1x cas524: Castle - Dragon Knight Armor with Dragon Head, Helmet Closed, Red Plume, Black Bushy Eyebrows


2x large catapult (the one with grey and red wheels, approx 30 pieces each)

from set 70402



The helmets, bodys & legs of four Star Wars figures (SW436, SW440, SW443, SW444) from set 75001 (No heads as I needed these for a moc.



And these polybags

#30163 - Thor & the Cosmic Cube
#30165 - Hawkeye & Equipment x2
#30300 - Tumbler x2
#30301 - Batwing x5
#30302 - Spider Glider x7

#8028 - Mini TIE Fighter
#30054 - AT ST
#30056 - Star Destroyer x5
#30240 - Z95 Headhunter x3
#30246 - Imperial Shuttle x4
#30247 - ARC 170 Starfighter x6

#30210 - Frodo Cooking Corner x2
#30212 - Gandalf at Dol Guldur x5

#30082 - Ninja Training x3
#30085 - Jumping Snakes
#30086 - Hidden Sword
#30087 - Car x3

#30010 - Fire Chief x2
#30017 - Police Boat x2
#30018 - Police Microlight
#30150 - Racing Car x3
#30152 - Mining Quad x2
#30222 - Police Helicopter x5
#30228 - Police ATV x3

#30024 - Truck x2
#30183 - Little Car x2
#30189 - Transport Plane x4

#30105 - Mailbox x3
#30106 - Ice Cream Stand

#30251 - Winzar's Pack Patrol x2
#30260 - Lone Ranger Pump Car x3


We are after:

Super Heroes minifigures


Harry Potter minifigures. (The theme, not only the character).


We are situated in the UK, but will trade worldwide for the right offer.

PM with offers.

Thanks for looking.


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