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For Trade: Simpson's CMF (US)

vadangvadang Member Posts: 47
Hello All,

Looking to trade some Simpson mini-figures for other mini-figures or other offers.

All Simpson mini-figures (except Grandpa) multiples of each
Bags were cut open to verify contents, then put into zip lock bag.

Simpson CMF

Lego Movie CMF
Any except Abe Lincoln, Gail, Where's my pants guy, Wyldestyle

I'm just getting into the CMF's so I am also open to CMF's in other series as well.

I know I am new on here, so I can provide my ebay ID that has 100% feedback on 192 ish transactions.



  • vadangvadang Member Posts: 47
    No more Simpson's mice, but have the other ones. I will get an exact count later tonight, just been really busy.

  • vadangvadang Member Posts: 47
    Here is an updated list of the CMFs I have for trade. Open to offers for other Lego related stuff excluding Simpson CMFs.

    Homer x2
    Bart x3
    Marge x4
    Lisa x3
    Maggie x4
    Flanders x1
    Krusty x2
    Millhouse x3
    Ralph x3
    Apu x3
    Nelson x2
    Scratchy (cat) x5
    Chief Wiggum x2
    Mr. Burns x1

    I also have some series 1 and 2 mixels I can trade. My stuff is a bit unorganized right now since I am still new to all of this, but if you are interested in Mixels I can get exactly what I have available to you.

    Other series CMFs, ploys, w/e

    Thanks for looking!
  • vadangvadang Member Posts: 47
    Still available. Have done a couple trades on here already if there is any concern of my legitimacy.
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